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Canale goes on to note that there are differences between Adventists and Protestants despite the fact that they received the same ground or foundation (The Bible) on which they built their theologies.

He asks, ‘[If] both built on the same ground, why did early Adventist believers feel the need to leave all Protestant denominations behind and build a new one?’ [Italics mine] What makes Adventist theology unique? He suggests that ‘If the difference between Adventist and Protestant theologies cannot be explained in relation to the source of theology, it might be apparent if we consider the method and hermeneutical principles each tradition used in building their theological views.’ Ruby Ruffle Blouse Cotton On amp; Co Discount Original Limited Edition Cheap Price Grey Outlet Store Online BQBEcZm

Dr. Denis Fortin agrees by showing in, “Nineteenth-century Evangelicalism and early Adventist Statements of Beliefs,” a paper derived from his doctoral dissertation, L’adventisme dam les Cantons de l’Est du Qukbec: implantation et institutionnalisation au XIXe siecle that of the three groups that split from the Millerites after 1844, “Seventh-day Adventists were the most theologically removed from evangelicalism in emphasizing their doctrine of the sanctuary as the center of their theological articulation.” [37]

Late Adventist Church Historian C. Mervyn Maxwell identified four basic characteristics of the hermeneutics and method on which early Adventist theology was constructed: deconstruction of Tradition, the Tota Scriptura principle, typological understanding, and the Vision. [38]

Adventists Rediscover a Complete System of Truth

Canale goes on to note that Ellen White expressed the same hermeneutical vision in different words, “The subject of the sanctuary was the key which unlocked the mystery of the disappointment of 1844. It opened to view a complete system of truth , connected and harmonious, showing that God’s hand had directed the great Advent movement, and revealing present duty as it brought to light the position and work of his people. Shortly put, “light from the sanctuary illumed the past, the present, and the future.” Alberto Timm stated that the ‘configuration of the whole system’ was one of the original contributions of early Adventist theology. [39] Canale suggests that, “The sanctuary doctrine is the most comprehensive doctrine or motif in Scripture and therefore plays a decisive role in guiding biblical interpretation and the construction of Adventist theology.” [40] James White saw that “the present truth is harmonious in all its parts; its links are all connected; the bearings of all its portions upon each other are like clockwork,” LeRoy Froom wrote of early Adventist theology as the “base of a coordinated system of truth.” George Knight, writes that “Sabbatarian Adventists produced an integrated theology rather than a list of discrete doctrines, and Alberto Timm states that these beliefs were an integrated system related to the attributes of God.” [41] , [42]

I agree, these were the best Lebkuchen I’ve ever tasted, the flavors are so rich and the chewy texture is wonderful! THANK YOU, Kimberly!


Eva says

Well,we followed everything to the letter. Ihad a runny mess. I used almonf and hazelnut meal, as called for in your directions. I added almost another cup of meal and chilled dough before proceeding. So question: meal or nut flour?


Hi Eva, nut meal and nut flour are one and the same, the names are used interchangeably by manufacturers. The batter is supposed to be fairly runny. As long as it stays on the Backoblaten you’re good to go. But if it’s running off the Backoblaten then yes, it will need some additional meal.

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Care'n says

Kimberly, thank you! I’ve been intimidated for 25-years studying various recipes to make Lebkuchen for my German husband (Nuremberg) and your recipe was worth the wait! Perfect in everyway, including simplicity, and we just ate the first three fresh from the oven and dipped. Seriously, who can wait! THANK YOU tomorrow is his birthday and what a gift!!


Wonderful, Care’n, I’m absolutely thrilled to hear that, thank you!


Natalie Loftus says

Absolutely incredible!!! I can’t even adequately describe these other than to say they’re probably the most delicious baked goods I’ve ever eaten!! Turned out perfectly, thank you!


Heather Anderson says

Kimberly, I made these last night and am delighted with the result. Last year a friend brought us some Lebkuchen from Nürnberg and we loved it. I decided to try your recipe as it appeared the most authentic. I found the oblaten at The Cheese Boutique here in Toronto. My good result came even with using store bought citrus peel (oh, the shame! 😉). Next time… my one question is about storing the cookies. I left some un dipped and they are very sticky. Perhaps they don’t store well unless dipped? Or do they need to cool and then dry out a bit before storing?


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